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Sapphire Tipped UAVs for Aerial Collisions to Defeat Enemy UAV Swarm Threats

Defeating enemy UAV Swarms will be a challenge for our Net-Centric Blue Force Team. When our enemy launches 1000 UAVs at our military in the battlespace, will we be able to shoot them all down? The counter is most apt no.

Laying Smart Dust With Smart Munitions

We deem that we need to make the Smart Military capability even smarter and incorporate their adequate to the aim to bring in the delivery of smart dust. We consider this is crucial as more often than not the battlespace includes urban areas where non-combatants and citizens not complicated in the conflict reside.

UAV; Huntsman II and RQ-1A Marauder UAVs Needs Further Modifications

Since the Killer has inverted "V" shaped stabilizers these stabilizers ought to control wheel pants and wheels base to lower consequence and save costs in manufacturing, we need to bring down the costs of these units. Less machine will save consequence and we can use that savings in consequence for amplified load or more fuel to delay loitering time.

UAV GeoBat Bloat Radar Decoy Strategies

A GeoBat small UAV might be the complete platform for an enemy radar decoy and disruption expand concept. A swarm of GeoBat UAVs could be hand launched and sent into enemy territory and go using tiny amounts of fuel.

Aerial Blimp Refueling of UAVs

Aerial refueling from blimps might be easier than we think. At this time we use C-130s to fuel Boeing Argument helicopters and Large Cargo Type helicopters, which can be a perilous operation.

Best of British: Gizmondo Doomed To Fail?

The Gizmondo pooled media player, phone and betting appliance went on sale in the last month for 229. The contraption sports an impressive spec: - It can be used to play games, music tracks and movies, it can take and store digital photos and can send SMS, MMS and emails, GPS, GPRS and Bluetooth for multi-player gaming.

Sega Dreamcasts Cause of Death?

What ever happened to that game console we used to call the Sega Dreamcast? Why did it rapidly die out after 2 years of production? Was the command complex in encoding our minds like in George Orwell's 1984? All these questions will be answered as I examine the Dreamcast's devastating decline.IntroductionIn the establishment it was good.

Review: Samurai Jack -- Code of the Samurai

Fans of Genndy Tartakovsky's "Samurai Jack," which wrapped last year on the Cartoon Network, enjoy the individual storytelling and stunning visuals, also the belligerent arts sequences. Naturally, it was only a be of importance of time beforehand the online betting conscientiousness twisted the time-traveling samurai's adventures into video games.

Popular Electronic Games - They Are Not Just For Kids Anymore

Superheroes campaign monsters and space invaders in fast act games. Players take on the role of these superheroes in epic battles.

Sony PSP

The age of the furthermost portable console has after all arrived. Brace physically for astonishing, making a bet attribute on a having a bet contraption which is composed to adjust the way you think about portable devices.

How To Save Time, Energy, and Money by Renting Your DVDs and Games Online

As a bit of a movie buff I freshly naked that the best way to rent movies and games these days is online using one of the Online DVD and Game Hire Services.If you're into renting movies or games these military austerely can't be beat for their time economy convenience and value.

10 Innovative Game Features

Watch by hand struggle, sweat, attack as you turn your video game console into a own trainer.Here are ten ways the most modern education by Eye-Toy equipment is doing away with the couch-potato shame that's normally friendly to gaming, and increasing the most modern new innovation heartbreaking the video game business right now.

Review - Sony PSP

I'm absolutely a few there are folks at Nintendo affection some acute self-loathing right about now. You see, back in the mid-90's Nintendo contracted Sony to build a CD-ROM drive for the Super Nintendo.

RPG: Table and Computer

It's not a clandestine that table RPG games are not so all the rage as they used to be. Conversely a a few digit of amateurs are still fond of them.

Indie Games that Made It to the Tops of the Charts this Year

1. Platypus http://www.

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