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As I think most of gamers who play in shareware games know game called Zuma Deluxe. This game was extremly admired some time ago and still admired now. It's now a classic game!

Long time no one in game business try to make a game with Zuma gameplay. It was a fear of fail - as a big name can know big portals like RealArcade or Shockwave. com don't take for publishing game clones.

But in last time we see a lot of games what takes a Zuma gameplay idea plus some appealing own ideas. Let's look at whis games.

First game will be Luxor.

Main idea is the same, but here one deferent appear - you blast a decorated spheres from the foot line. Game use antiquated Egipt styling with pyramids and Pharaoh, you explore the path of the Nile. The game very all the rage right now.

Next game we will look at is TumbleBugs.

IMHO this game have one of best diagrammatic work (also as last game) and use very attention-grabbing aim - you need to save your insect cronies from the Black Bug Empire. According to game info "In a deep dark lair, in Any Garden USA, creep the Evil Black Bugs. You, the hero "Tumble", hold the fate of your creepy-crawly allies in your hands. Save the gaudy beetles from being caged by the Black Bug Empire". It has some inimitable power ups not free in other games and has some skin texture to talk about - how about two sources and to plases to shoot from?

Another two games Bubblefish Bob and Aqua POP uses sea adventure design. It first game you need to save small fishy friends. The agree with game objective not known. As I think this game was bent in zuma gameplay with only aim changes.

Next game have extremly diferent gameplay but use some ideas from father game - Twistingo.

Main Zuma idea - highlighted shperes presented, but gameplay based based on the bingo cards and the records on it. It requires you to stay listening carefully and yet still full of situations to think over in every minute. You need to explore the Big Island step by step to find and save the cute animals that need your help.

Last game I want to say named Zzed.

This game was bent by developers from Russian Amalgamation and have very concerned idea mixed with some zuma elements. It's puzzler-shooter game with a space theme. In Zzed, you are a plot of space nonsense truck. The space craft is located in the average of the barrier and can rotate both clockwise or answer clockwise. You can also move the spaceship, albeit in a very small circle. A permanent flow of space junk gravitates concerning you (rather fast, sometimes) and you have to break it, already it indemnity the ship. This is the achievement part. What makes the game tricky (and addictive) is the puzzle part. All compost is "color-coded". In order to annihilate it, you have to get 3 or more pieces of junk of the same color stuck as one (here we have some Zuma ideas). Since you pilot a space compost truck, not some super-cool X-Wing interceptor, you call only shoot with nonsense pieces. Occasionally, as you get bonuses like missiles or bombs, which will allow you to feel physically like a space commando for 0. 17 seconds, but other than that, it's all about waste management.

The storyline of this also very interesting, but I don't want to open all - try by yoursef!

Here we see 7 games in some parts based on Zuma classic game. I try all of them and think what Zuma, Tumblebugs, Twistingo and Zzed is the best and have very much alteration to explore. How you think?

Denis Snow. ChocoSnow. com sells Zuma style games at http://www. chocosnow. com/.

Try Zzed - http://www. chocosnow. com/games/zzed/ and Twistingo - http://www. chocosnow. com/games/twistingo/


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