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The current battlespace is varying in the real world and in the very near coming swarms of UAVs with be a tactic and mace of choice. Is your mainframe game software ahead or at the back of the curve of inovation. How will these UAV swarms be launched, what speeds with they travel? How will they render the enemy useless? How will you defend alongside them? This is one thing that is charge Pentagon war planners up late at night. This is one major issue which will ascertain the outcome of battles in the future.

I aim launching swarms of UAVs as an aggressive bludgeon in the battlespace to assure overwhelming our enemy with too many targets to kill.

I aim shape shifting wings and fuselages to add to accomplishment and speed once launched.

I have in mind a fat most important edge wing, which is large for impression and once above ground I aim striking the intact swarm with a microwave beam or laser to heat the skin of the swarms, which will assume the manufactured data recall of those gears and cause them to shrink. Thus the swarm can fly a much nearer speed on its way to the target.

We can accomplish this by using a cage type configuration as part of the aircraft's structural makeup. The outer cage consequential skin. This skin will develop into its self when it is heated up. This will allow UAV Swarms to carry large loads and once off the broken up the speed can add to to keep them aloft.

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