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"Atari has preferred StarForce to defend their brand-new game called Race Driver 2", a director from StarForce has acknowledged today.

"Race Driver 2" is bent by Codemasters and disseminated by Atari. It was at large in Taiwan in July 2004. The game is intended for both PC and Microsoft Xbox platforms. The consequence is scattered on DVD discs confined by StarForce.

Atari is a chief large-scale publisher and developer of interactive entertainment for both laying a bet enthusiasts and the mass-market audience. The company's food are based on internally fashioned intellectual properties or food accredited from third parties, and add in most familiar names in common entertainment industry.

This is the back up case of Atari's cooperation with StarForce. Before they used StarForce to acquire their hit game - "Desert Rats VS Afrika Korps".

Both titles are bubble-like using the StarForce Expert 3. 0 solution. StarForce Expert 3. 0 utilizes most modern copy fortification know-how and provides a high level of guarantee yet being a very usable clarification for end users. StarForce Certified is deliberate to assist software developers and publishers to suppress high-volume engineering piracy as well as dishonest doubling-up by end users. The fortification technologies implementation doesn't compel publishers to use any distinctive tools for a accredited disc production, characteristic control, or other procedures.

Pleased with the characteristic of StarForce ceremony and proven effectiveness of the company's technologies, Atari is forecast to carry on its cooperation with StarForce in the bordering future.

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StarForce is a foremost bringer of software guard solutions intended to fight piracy and assist software developers and publishers to efficiently defend their intellectual belongings and safeguard their revenues. The business is well-known among activity professionals for its state of the art software-and-hardware-level encryption technologies. StarForce provides a broad range of high-quality and cost-effective armor and licensing solutions for business, educational, and entertainment applications


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